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Please note the following if you are planning to attend a sale during this time of SOCIAL DISTANCING:

  • You will be required to adhere to all the Courthouse protocol for entering the building. You will be asked a series of COVID-19 related questions and your temperature will be taken.  (If it exceeds 100.4 you will not be permitted to enter.)
  • Please ONLY attend if you plan to bid on the properties offered at the sale as this will help facilitate social distancing guidelines. 
  • We STRONGLY recommend wearing a mask.
  • Please limit the number of persons in your party to ONLY the bidder. 
  • Upon entering the Commissioner’s Meeting Room, try to maintain as much distance as you can between you and the other attendees.

ALSO NOTE:  If you are planning to bid on behalf of another party, you will be required to provide an affidavit signed by the absent party and it will need to be notarized in order to bid and fill out a purchase agreement.  Bidders will NO LONGER be permitted to bid on another’s behalf without this consent.

Sale of Property



New Requirements for Sheriff Sales

Notice of Online Sheriff Sales

Foreclosure Sales are HELD EVERY TUESDAY (if scheduled) online at starting at 10:00 a.m.

Delinquent Tax Sales are HELD EVERY TUESDAY (if scheduled) at the Columbiana County Court House starting at 10:00 a.m.

The Columbiana County Court House is located at 105 South Market Street, Lisbon, OH 44432.

FORECLOSURE SALES: A minimum required deposit of $2,000, $5,000 or $10,000 (based on the appraised value) is due the Sheriff no later than Noon on the Day of Sale. The remaining balance is due in 30 Calendar days from the date the final entry confirming the sale is received by the Clerk of Courts. The date received shall count as day number one. The Sheriff of Columbiana County has no legal or statutory authority to grant any extension of payment what so ever. ALL SALES ARE AS IS AND PROPERTIES ARE NOT OPEN FOR INSPECTION PRIOR TO SALE. Appraisals are strictly an outside appraisal. People may still be living in these homes so you CAN NOT trespass on the property.

Method of Bidding for Foreclosure Sales: All bidding is done online only.

DELINQUENT TAX SALES: These sales require a deposit of 15% of the purchase price plus House Bill 138 fees. These fees are based upon the final sale price and will be determined at the time of the sale.

Delinquent Tax Sales are conducted at theCommissioner's Meeting Room, First Floor, Columbiana CountyCourthouse 105 S Market Street Lisbon Ohioon the Date listed at10:00 AM

Method of Bidding for Tax Sales: All bidding is done in person on the day of the sale, there are NO PHONE BIDS, NO MAIL IN BIDS, AND NO ONLINE BIDS.

Method of Payment: The Columbiana County Sheriff will accept Cash or a Cashier/Certified Check made Payable to the Columbiana County Sheriff. NO Personal/Business Checks will be accepted.

The properties are appraised by three (3) court appointed appraisers. The properties are advertised in the Lisbon Morning Journal, Salem News or East Liverpool Review for three (3) consecutive weeks on Friday before sale date. The Delinquent Tax Sale will now appear in the Farm & Dairy.

Prior to the confirmation of sale and the balance being paid the deed is not transferred and the property is still owned by the property owner. Once the confirmation of the sale and balance paid the deed is transferred the property is now owned by the purchaser. Prior to this occurring you as the purchaser have no right to be on the property.

Understand your bank may say they need an inside appraisal conducted; this CAN NOT be done. You will need to have your financing in order prior to the sale as you will have only 30 days after the confirmation of sale to pay the balance and the time between the sale and the confirmation could be between 14 to 30 days.

The bank owns the mortgage on the property; however, they do not own the property and that is why it's going through Sheriff's Sale and the bank buys the property so they can put the deed into their name and then they can sell the property to recoup their money. Most Sheriff's Sale properties are purchased back by the banks in our county at least 99%.

For further information call Columbiana County Sheriff Civil Office: 330-424-1104.

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Due to software issues in the Record's Office, the Sheriff's sales scheduled for tomrrow is being rescheduled. There will be no Sheriff's sales on 1/10/2023.
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